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Why do I need a set of replica military medals?

National Medals takes great pride in providing full size and mini replica medals to serving members of the ADF, veterans and the families of veterans. Replica medals allow people to keep their original military medals locked away safely as a lot of the time once medals are lost or stolen (which they are unfortunately) it is very difficult to replace them.

It is important to point out that once the original recipient of the medals has passed the government won't replace lost or stolen medals, which is another reason to wear replica medals to ANZAC Day parades or functions.

If you are wondering where to get your replica medals mounted, National Medals supply and mount all replica medals. We can supply replica medals from the Boer War up to the medals that currently make up our Australian Honours and Awards system. We can also usually supply replica medals for New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Swing Mount Set Replica Medals

Court Mount Set Replica Police Medals

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