Court Mounting and Swing Mounting

   At National Medals Pty Ltd we offer both court mounting and swing mounting of both original and replica military medals. If you require a new medal/s to be added to your existing group of medals we will replace your existing ribbon and if required also clean your medals, and there is no extra cost for this service.


In court mounting the medals are held down firmly against the backing ribbon. This prevents the medals from moving about thus preventing them from hitting against each other causing marking of your medals.


In swing mounting the medals are attached to the mounting bar brooch and each medal moves freely from the mounting bar brooch.


While 90% of original medals are court mounted, we usually swing mount our replica medals because it is a cheaper way of mounting. With swing mounting as with court mounting we only use the regulation ribbon and the best quality mounting brooches.


National Medals Pty Ltd also specialise in the mounting of Police medallions. We can either mount your original police medals in both sizes or we can supply replica medals and customised ribbon bars


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