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Australian Citations Explained

Australian Citations were instituted in 1991; awarded to members of Australian military units to honour and signify extraordinary efforts. There are three variations issued, which will be explained below.

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Unit Citation For Gallantry

Extraordinary gallantry in action is rewarded with The Unit Citation for Gallantry. This unique citation is framed by flames glowing from the outside towards the centre created from gilt metal. Inside the frame is a brilliant green ribbon. Perched atop the ribbon is a seven pointed Federation Star in silver.

Unit Citation For Gallantry

Wearing the Unit Citation for Gallantry

The citation is worn by members of the unit when an award was made, they continue to wear the insignia even after they have left the unit.

Air Force and Army personnel who are currently serving and posted to the unit are allowed to wear the insignia without the Federation Star. Once they have left the unit, they are no longer permitted to adorn the citation.

Meritorious Unit Citation

Units that execute sustained outstanding service in warlike operations are recognised with The Meritorious Unit Citation. The citation is identifiable by the gold ribbon surrounded by a rectangle of rhodium-plated flame. Similarly, to the Unit Citation for Gallantry, the Meritorious Unit Citation has a silver seven pointed Federation Star.

Meritorious Unit Citation

Wearing the Meritorious Unit Citation

The insignia are worn by personnel who are part of the unit that has been awarded the citation. Individuals cannot be given the citation until the CO or other authorised unit representative has been formally invested.

Personnel who are members of the unit when the citation was awarded wear the insignia with the Federation Star in the center and continue to wear the citation after leaving the unit.

The dress policy of the Army and Air Force allows current serving personnel who are subsequently posted to the unit to wear the insignia. This must be done without the Federation Star and only while the member is posted to the unit.

Group Citation for Bravery

A collective act of bravery in extraordinary circumstances by personnel is awarded the Group Citation for Bravery. These decorations may be awarded posthumously.

In 2002 the citation was awarded to members of the State Emergency Services Queensland for a rescue mission off Mount Tibrogargan in the Glass House Mountains during a torrential storm.

The citation consists of a rhodium-plated silver frame with a sprig of wattle blossom in bronze centred on the frame.

Group Citation for Bravery

Wearing the Group Citation for Bravery

The citation is worn on the left lapel or left breast by recipients of the award.

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