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Your Medals resorted to their former glory with Medal Cleaning

Restoration Example



Our team at National Medals have 25 years experience in custom made military medals, medal presentation options and the restoration of military medals including medal cleaning.

You can rest assured our cleaning methods will not only return your medals to their former glory, but are completely safe and will not harm, damage, or discolour your medal or ribbon.

All products we use in the cleaning of your medals have been used for many years to provide exceptional results. In the instance your ribbons cannot be returned to their original condition we also offer a ribbon replacement service.


We will discuss these options with you when you visit the store, or via phone or email after you send photos of your medals through.

You can also pre-schedule your medals to be cleaned before a march or event to ensure they will look perfect on the day. Talk to our team today on (07) 3871 0600 or send us an enquiry for a free quote.

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