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Royal Australian Navy Medals, Pins and Badges Custom Made to order

 Our team at National Medals pride ourselves on custom crafting high quality replica Royal Australian Navy medals, badges, pins and other awards.


We can also offer medal restoration to bring life back to medals, so they are ready to be worn for parades, on ANZAC day, and for other occasions.


Our medal mounting can be customised for both full size and miniature medals and we have medal presentation options for miniature full size, and varying numbers of awards.

The team have a military researcher who is available to undercover family military history and entitlements for Royal Australian Navy awards if required.


We are one of Australia’s most popular Royal Australian Navy medal, pin, and badge custom creators due to our high quality, attention to detail and experience in the industry.


We pride ourselves on working with you to ensure we deliver exactly what you requested at a competitive price.


Call us today on  07 3871 0600 for a free quote or send us a message.







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