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Medal Framing so your memories are captured beautifully and last forever


 Our team at National Medal have over 25 years’ experience custom crafting medals as well as medal framing to ensure your medal is displayed gracefully and in a quality setting.


From single medal displays to framing for a multiple medals paired with images, our team can create a custom medal frame to suit your requirements.

We can either put the original medals or replicas in the frame (although for security reasons we recommend putting replicas in the frame, but this is up to you).

Alternatively, you can browse from a selection of medal frames and choose one to suit.

To include images, please send us the original copies where possible. We can work with photocopies or scanned versions where necessary.

Our team are even able to work with damaged images including tears or cracks and can assist in removing distracting backgrounds.


Our high quality finishes, ability to custom craft designs to suit your individual medals and our competitive pricing are what set us apart and have made us one of the most popular custom medal creators and restorers in Australia for over two decades.


Call us today for a free medal framing quote or send us a message.

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