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Your military medals swing mounted traditionally

Swing Mounted Medals | National Medals

In swing mounting the medals are suspended by the appropriate ribbon which are attached to a brooch that you affix to your clothing. The medals therefore swing from the brooch when being worn.


Swing mounting medals is typically the way we see most medals mounted from WW2 and before.


When medals are swing mounted it allows for both sides of the medal to be easily viewed, as sometimes the recipients name and service number is on the back of the medal and some interesting designs are on the backs of some medals.

​Another feature of swing mounting is the sound of the medals touching, which many people like as they march or walk.

It is also the slightly cheaper option for military medal mounting.

If you are unsure about what style of medal mounting you require, simply call us 07 3871 0600 or send us an enquiry and we’d be happy to assist you with the options.

You can also read our article on the types of military medal mounting.

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