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Replica war medals and ribbons for Australian military personnel

Remembrance Day Sale

Receive 10% Discount on all WW1 and WW2 Replica War Medals when you order by 5 November 2020.

Call us on 07 3871 0600 or enquire now to secure your discount and be ready for Remembrance Day.


Our team at National Medals are suppliers of premium quality replica war medals from the Boer War of 1899 / 1902 up to current issue medals and awards within the Australian Honours and Awards System.


Our premium replica military medals are available in full and miniature sizes all with relevant clasps.


We will work closely with you from design through to delivery to ensure your experience with us is easy, hassle free and ready in time for Remembrance Day.


Our quality is guaranteed, so you can enjoy your premium quality product at a competitive price with our limited time sale.


Gallery Military

5 Questions to Ask About your Replica War Medals

  • How strong are the replica medals?

  • Is there good detail definition?

  • Where is the ribbon sourced from? (It should be from Toye Kenning Spencer in the UK)

  • Are medals mounted to Defense Force standards?

  • Will the medals withstand re-use when updating medals in the future?

Why replica medals? When some people find out the value of their original medals they are usually surprised at their value. The loss of original medals can be devastating for the owner or the family of the original recipient. In some cases the medals can not be re issued and it is likely that the family will never see them again if stolen.

At National Medals Pty Ltd we understand that the quality of replica medals is very important, that’s why we actually have 90% of all our replica medals specially manufactured for our use. Our strong and premium quality replica medals make the perfect alternative to using your original medals.

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