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Your minature medals mounted in either court or swing style

Mini Medal Court Mounted

Mini Medal Swing Mounted

Mini Medal Mounting | Mini Medal Court Mounted | National Medals
Mini Medal Mounting | Mini Medal Swing Mounted | National Medals

Mini Medal Mounting is the mounting of miniature military medals, either original or replicas either in court mounted or swing mounted style of mounting.


Our team at National Medals pride ourselves on taking the great care required when working with smaller materials to produce the high quality results expected from our customers.


Mini medal mounting in court style is slightly more expensive and holds the medal more securely in place, as the medal and the ribbon are securely attached onto a matching ribboned backing board.


This is the type of mounting those who are currently serving would typically require.



While the swing style of mounting mini medals is slightly cheaper and was the standard method until the 1950’s. 


Some customers who want their relative’s medals refurbished prefer this style as they prefer the sound of the medals touching and is in keeping with the way the medals were passed onto them.

Read our article on the different types of medal mounting for more information about how to have your miniature medals mounted.

Call us on (07) 3871 0600 or enquire now about your mini medal mounting.

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