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The current standard in military medal mounting for serving personel

Court Mounted Medals | National Medals

Court mounted medals are affixed to your clothing by way of a brooch with the medals and ribbons sewn down onto a firmer matching ribboned backing board.

This style of mounting has been popular since the end of WW2. It ensures the medals and ribbon do not move about when being worn. Court mounting is typically how those who are currently serving have their military medals mounted.


As well as being a requirement for some, it has the added benefit of protecting the medals from any damage that may occur from knocking against each other.

Where there are multiple medals to be worn, they will slightly overlap so they will present well. It is important to keep in mind that the medals must be mounted in correct order.


The medal with the highest precedence is mounted closest to the centre of the chest when worn by the recipient on the left side of the chest.

Our team at National Medals are experts in military medal custom creation and restoration. Talk to our team today for your court mounted medals on (07) 3871 0600, or enquire now.

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